Frat Boy

Oh Nibbler, where to start. Most, if not all, goat yogis are familiar with our smallest herd member Nibbler. Though he is small, this little guy is fierce. You will almost always find nibbler jumping off of the highest point he can find, jumping on someones back, or launching into a parkour zoomie up a wall. Nibbler is great for laughs and making great memories.


  • Cheek and shoulder scratches, his brothers, superman jumps


  • Quiet time, getting his hooves trimmed, boundaries

Sponsorship Program

Without our very special goat therapists, the remarkable accomplishments of our youth would not be possible. It costs OVER $2,000 a year for the care and maintenance of each of our goats, including such essentials as feed and vet bills. Our wonderful goat sponsors help make miracles happen through their tax-deductible donations of $2,000 towards the cost of maintaining one goat for one year. Prospective goat sponsors may choose from those not yet “adopted” and their donations will be added to the fund set aside exclusively for goat care. In return sponsors receive the following:

  • A personalized Certificate of Sponsorship including a picture of their sponsored goat

  • A tax deductible donation receipt

  • The sponsors name placed on their goat’s stall in the barn

Monthly Sponsorship

Yearly Sponsorship